Our Heat Vision 2030 

Our vision is based on the need for widespread improvements in energy efficiency of our buildings together with the electrification of heat using tried-and-tested, decentralised technologies matched to local conditions and the needs of communities.

It is a bold yet credible vision that we see operating successfully in other European countries with similar climatic conditions. We acknowledge there are numerous physical, social, economic, cultural and organisational barriers to achieving our goals but we aim to focus attention on these obstacles and suggest ways they can be overcome through suitable market interventions.

Let's work together

We are a group of companies and organisations with specialist knowledge of low carbon heat solutions. 

We have a communal ambition to drive the development of an effective heat transition pathway based on low carbon heat generation and heat networks.

We do this by engaging influencers, policy makers and key decision-makers at a central and local level in detailed discussions highlighting credible scenarios.

Through webinars, online workshops and social media we continue to engage with hundreds of stakeholders involved in heat networks in the UK and internationally.

greenspace scotland

Supporting heat pump solutions in urban green and blue spaces 

HV2030 Representative: John Maslen

Comsof Heat website link

GIS-based software for granular and accurate heat network planning and design 

HV2030 Representative: Kurt Marlein

Minibems website link

Real-time, online, and optimised heat network operation 

HV2030 Representative: Ben Carter

Star Renewable Energy

Big river-source heat pumps for heat networks  

HV2030 Representative: Dave Pearson    

Vattenfall Heat

Owner and operator of U.K. heat networks

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